Reference checks 101

May 1, 2014

The following questions are too often missing from lists of questions to ask when checking references for prospective management employees:

  1. What was the situation when he/she began?
  2. What results did the company expect?
  3. Did he/she achieve those results?
  4. If so, how?
  5. How was his/her overall performance  measured?
  6. Did he/she meet or exceed those measures?

It’s great to ask things like, “What was his job? What were his duties? Would you hire her again? Describe her management style.  How does he respond in stressful situations?  etc.,”  but  if you have a job to be done, targets to be reached, you want to hire someone who has a track record of actually reaching targets, achieving desired results.

Objective? Process? Results?

Renee’s Rule™:  Results matter.