Open Table + Renee’s Rules™

June 13, 2014

Unless you were asleep today, you know that Priceline is acquiring Open Table.  My main concern about the acquisition is that Priceline might muck up one of my all-time favorite companies!

Why is Open Table a favorite?  Because they follow one of the most important of Renee’s Rules™:  Make my life easy!

In case you have not used Open Table

• It is easy to make a meal reservation
• It is easy to change a reservation
• If you don’t yet know where you want to go, it is easy to decide which restaurant to choose
• It is easy to read reviews, read the menu, find the location, and visit the restaurant’s website
• It is easy to write a review
• They never bug you with unwanted emails
• The site never malfunctions
• After you make a certain number of reservations, you actually get money back to use at an Open Table restaurant
• BEST OF ALL: I have never, ever wanted, needed, or had to contact their tech support!

So many companies send follow up surveys asking you to tell them about your most recent tech support experience.  The question they never ask but should is, “What should we change so that you would not have had to spend your valuable time contacting us?”