Renee’s Rule™: Make my life E-A-S-Y!

July 27, 2009

Recently, I sent an email to key business contacts letting them know my turnaround client needed a new CFO.  I received approximately 160 resumes.

The quality of the  emails most candidates sent was appalling.  Based upon what arrived in my inbox, here is my advice to those looking for work:

  1. Read the job announcement. If you send a lengthy email in response to an ad that includes the word “turnaround”, you should  assume you will not be considered.  Turnaround experts are looking for people who can cut to the chase and won’t waste their time.
  2. Use bullets not paragraphs. Time is money. Cash is king.  Make my life E-A-S-Y.  I am getting hundreds of emails a day.  Which emails do you think I am likely to read? Those with 5 lengthy paragraphs or those with 5 concise bullets?
  3. Make sure that the file name of your resume includes your name. If your resume does not have your name in the file name, you are out-of-the-running with me because I have to take time–my time–to change the file name before I save it.  Please, make my life E-A-S-Y.
  4. Don’t be a pest. If the job announcement says “send email to,” please don’t call.  If you do, it appears that you have no respect for my time.

Renee’s Rule™: Think before you respond. If you were in my shoes, what would you want to know?

  • What has the applicant DONE?
  • What is he/she LIKE?
    • Will he/she be able to work in a highly charged, fast-paced environment?
    • Will he/she be the kind of employee who anticipates what his/her supervisor needs?  who will make my life E-A-S-Y?

Renee’s Rule™: Make my life E-A-S-Y!

One Response to “Renee’s Rule™: Make my life E-A-S-Y!”

  1. July 28, 2009

    Couldn’t agree with you more on your points, Renee. I grew from a staff of two to seven during a short period of time at my last firm and couldn’t believe the set up I would get.

    One big problem is when a resume is being forwarded by someone else with a referral that attempts to open the door. Take 15 minutes to control the message being passed along on your behalf! Tell anyone you ask to pass along your resume that you’d like the opportunity to do this before it goes out.

    Finally, thank you for mentioning having your name as part of the file name too. “FinalVersion.doc” immediately makes you a thoughtless candidate.

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