Success Story

Negotiated end to personal guarantees


  • A multi-generation family-owned manufacturing company, a union shop, had experienced significant, increasing losses for three consecutive years.
  • The Company’s lender was threatening to shut them down.
  • Operations were almost totally out of control.
  • The elderly majority shareholders were afraid that the lender would pursue their personal guarantees.
  • Family members were at each other’s throats.
  • The Board of Directors hired Renee based on the recommendation of a family friend, an experienced bank executive.


  • Within 12 months, profits improved from -27% to +4.4%.
  • Gross margin improved 300%.
  • Operations were significantly improved.
  • The company obtained new funding at favorable rates.
  • Renee successfully negotiated removal of the personal guarantees.
  • Cordial family relationships were restored.