Success Story

Dramatically improved customer service


  • Client was an employee-owned manufacturing company.
  • The company had experienced increasing losses for three consecutive years.
  • Costs were significantly higher than industry standards.
  • Operations were chaotic.
  • Deliveries were only 50% on-time.
  • There was wide-spread disruption, dissatisfaction and animosity resulting from the poorly executed acquisition of another company.
  • Everyone complained about a lack of accountability.
  • Renee was recommended by the Company’s banker.


  • Revenues increased by 15%.
  • Cost reductions were dramatic.
  • There was an end to chaos made possible by personnel and policy changes as well as by documentation of procedures.
  • On-time deliveries skyrocketed from 50% to 98% within 5 months.
  • Employees from both the original and acquired companies worked as a team.
  • Company launched a new strategic direction.
  • A system for ensuring accountability, including clear definition of job responsibilities, target setting and measurement and feedback, was in place.