Renee Fellman is an award-winning turnaround consultant who has led strategic planning, installed management accountability systems, conducted operational audits and rescued multiple companies from the brink of disaster. Her super-power? Improving profitability at warp speed.


  • Renee Fellman is a remarkable person who has an uncanny ability to grasp new situations, implement systems, and lead a team to greatness. She is highly assertive, full of energy, and thrives in highly stressful environments. If you are looking for a CEO to maintain the status quo, Renee is not the person you need. If, however, you are looking for a CEO who can rally the troops to achieve the impossible, then Renee is precisely the person you need. I recommend her highly.

    Ron Torland, Chairman of the Board

    PML, Inc.

  • I have known Renee Fellman for over 20 years. She served on the Board of Directors of my company.

    Renee is an aggressive, real-world manager. It is easy for a consultant to propose changes and then fade from the scene. Renee is the kind of person, however, who won’t take “when we get around to it” for an answer about implementation. She has the drive to see that plans are carried out and don’t sit on the shelf after that first flush of enthusiasm is over. Renee keeps you focused on your strategic goals through daily action. Her “nuts and bolts” approach to reaching long-range targets makes her very rare in the management world.

    Patrick Duffy, President

    American Machine & Gear, Inc.

  • Renee hits the ground running, assesses the situation, and quickly begins to implement positive change. A very motivational person, very clear in direction and her expectations while being supportive of people‚Äôs ideas and opinions and making them better through this process. Highly energetic, she pushes herself more than the people reporting to her. Working with Renee was one of the most positive opportunities of my career, and I continue to stay in contact with her.

    Neil McNew, General Manager

    Wolf Steel Foundry

  • Renee’s thorough examination of every aspect of Times Litho, Inc.’s operations resulted in specific recommendations and plans. Creating a sense of urgency, Renee provided the momentum for implementation through consistent, detailed, fast-track monitoring. The result was a stronger corporation and improved financial performance.

    Joanne McGilvra Rose, Former shareholder and board member

    Times Litho, Inc.

  • Renee saved our company. She is smart, tough, focused, and understands how to make a business work. She’s the best!

    Richard L. Pesznecker, President

    Pesznecker Brothers, Inc.